Parts washing equipment

Parts washing equipment by TEKNOX 

TEKNOX conducts its business to provide innovative technologies that can offer efficient solutions related to surface treatment and meet the specifications of quality standards for washing processes.


Ultrasonic washing equipment by FINNSONIC

FinnSonic is recognized as providing intelligent, safe and cost-effective ultrasonic cleaning and inspection solutions for the highest demands. FinnSonic products and systems are used in more than 30 countries around the world.


Parts washing equipment by AQUACLEAN

Aqua Clean's mission is to solve all customer cleaning problems in all possible aspects:

  • Technically
  • More cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Reducing environmental impact


Ultrasonic washing equipment by KRAINTEK

For more complex industrial degreasing applications or where high purity is required, Kraintek offers manual series ultrasonic lines, semi-automatic designs with swivel and lifting bags, or fully automatic ultrasonic lines with the possibility to tilt or rotate the bags.