"Finnsonic" offers ultrasonic component cleaning and FPI solutions for removing dirt from the surfaces of complex parts
  • aviation and its maintenance industry;
  • automotive and marine industries;
  • hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical transmission solutions;
  • after treatment, preparation for surface treatment and finishing maintenance washing facilities.

"FinnSonic M" series

Desktop ultrasonic cleaning baths

Dimensionsup to 500 x 298 x 200 cm
Max. Volup to 20,6 L
Max. Tempup to 80 °C

"FinnSonic MI" series

Manually built ultrasonic cleaning baths 

Dimensions up to 1110 x 280 x 310 cm
Max. Load
 up to 40 kg
Max. Temp
 up to 160 L

"FinnSonic CORUS" series

Built-in ultrasonic cleaning baths are suitable for cleaning molds and tools

Dimensionsup to 1200 x 700 x 900 cm(> could order) 
Max. Load up to 2000 kg (> could order) 
Max. Temp up to 2200 L (> could order)

"FinnSonic CORUS ACTIVA" series

Built-in ultrasonic cleaning baths are suitable for cleaning maintenance of industrial equipment

Dimensions up to 1250 x 700 x 650 cm
Max. Load up to 500 kg 
Max. Vol up to 900 L

"FinnSonic VERSA GENIUS" series

Modular ultrasonic cleaning baths for multi-stage cleaning of parts are built

Dimensions up to 400 x 540 x 360 cm
Max. Load up to 35 kg 
Max. Temp up to 80 °C

"FinnSonic OPTIMA"

Fully automatic, multi-stage ultrasonic component cleaning for the manufacturing industry

Dimensions from 400 x 300 x 300 cm
Max. Load up to 10 000 kg 
Max. Temp up to 80 °C


NDT / FPI lines for MRO and production, partially or fully automated solutions

Dimensions on demand
Max. Load on demand
Max. Temp on demand

"FinnSonic Industrial Equipment"

Name pHSuitable for cleaning:Removes:
Cavitec HD Pro 13,5Tools & moldsFats, organic residues that have burned to the surface of the material
Cavitec Multi 13Steel, cast iron, zinc, aluminum, brass, copper
Machining fluids, chip residues
Cavitec Basio 8,3Copper, light metals, their alloys, steel, plastics
Polishing waxes, greases
Cavitec Disco 1,5Ferrous metals, light alloys
 Oxide layers, lime deposits

Other „FinnSonic“ industrial cleaning equipment:

FinnSonic PSF 7EReady-to-use, biodegradable paint, resin and urethane remover for metal parts and tools
FinnSonic PSF AReady to use paint stripper activator
FinnSonic DSTChemical cleaner for use after heat treatment of metal