Road marking machines & equipment

Borum road marking equipment

AS "Borum" is one of the world's leading suppliers of professional self-propelled road marking machines and equipment. Borum road marking solutions can be adapted to thermoplastics, cold paints and two-component materials - all of which can solve any road marking challenge anywhere in the world.


Hand-held road marking machines

"Graco" is a road marking company with many years of experience that ensures the excellent quality of hand-held road marking machines. It is the first company to implement airless paint spraying technology and one of the first to have hand-held machines that are practically no less inferior to self-propelled road marking machines.


ZIROCCO road dryers

Do not allow rainy or humid weather to confuse your work. Extend the road marking season even in the cool season with ease with ATT ZIROCCO road dryers.


Road marking measurement & control devices

Founded in Switzerland in 1954, Proceq is one of the leading companies in the industry of high-quality hand-held test solutions, applied in a variety of ways. The company's constant research and development allows us to create high-quality Swiss products for road marking measuring and control devices, which are based on the latest technologies and only the highest industry standards.

KAMBER paint, glass beads and thermoplastic spray guns